Lorel  Aurora Torres had a successful career working on Top 500 companies as strategic planner , product launch specialist and marketing executive on several positions across her 15 years on the pharmaceutical industry. Despite of having a successful career she always knew that the corporate life will have an expiration date to start the career of her dreams and fulfilled her passion for swimwear design. Not until 2009 her wishes came true by taking the decision of pursue her passion become a swimwear designer and  co-founded Mare Cheia Swimwear, living in Puerto Rico was the perfect place to design pieces that can be functional and adapt to different body types helping to create form fitting and eclectic designs for those women.   Also Lorel main goal was to seek out artistic collaborations by using the brand as platform for local artist on the creation of the brand prints creating another platform to showcase puerMare Cheia was founded on the basis that every woman is beautiful and can feel comfortable in her own skin. Living in Puerto Rico is the perfect place to design  pieces that can be functional and adapt to different body types since the puertorican women are known to have different body types and looks that help to understand what they need in terms of fit and control.