Lorel Aurora Torres had a successful career working on Top 500 Companies like Abbott, Novartis and GSK as strategic planner/forecaster , product launch specialist and marketing executive on several positions across her 12 years in the pharmaceutical industry. Despite of having a successful career she always knew that the corporate life will have an expiration date to start the career of her dreams and fulfilled her passion create her a swimwear brand inspired in by her Caribbean roots but a purpose to enhance the female figure but feel comfortable and well fitted. She was inspired by her travels to Brazil and found the cutting edge lycra technology where she could achieved the fit. Not until 2009 her wishes came true by taking the decision to pursue her passion become a swimwear designer and  help by her mom a retired industrial sewing teacher on more than 30 years of experience that help established the industry in Puerto Rico back in the 70s and key friends  co-founded Mare Cheia Swimwear.

The first MC came from Lorel's hands that used to sew their own suits for her and her friends from their moms garage in Arecibo,PR. Living in Puerto Rico was the perfect place to design pieces that can be functional and adapt to different body types helping to create form fitting designs for those women that couldn't find pieces like Another wish for Lorel was to seek out artistic collaborations from local and international artist for creation of the brand signature prints to showcase artisans and other crafts that Lorel is passionate and help to disseminate and propel artist teamwork on the creation of collections.  

"MC is a lifestyle that can be worn everyday because is wearable art" -  Lorel

Since the brand launch Lorel has position MC as recognized brand of quality, originality using the bullhorn carving and techniques to be one of a kind and unmatched fit and brand loyalty building a community of MC Gals since 2009 that are the heart and soul of the brand that started in Arecibo Puerto Rico and have spreaded around the World... Lorel main goal. MC around the World.


Recent project of Lorel in 2020 due to Covid-19 develop a Virtual Pop Up Live Program with successful fashion designer and friend Rebeca Tiago with over 14 year of experience in the field of image consulting  join and that shares on Fridays and has reached 14k viewers since started on May 15 2020. The Lives has built community and have created a space where audience interact and have fun, interview also new talent and other small business owner with their products and give shopping in a their unique and different way.

Chic. Comfortable. Stylish. Confident. Timeless. Trendy.

The Logo

The Mare Cheia Bull Horn Logo Charm is a signature piece that is handcrafted with the greatest of care. The natural color variations of the bull horn material allow for each logo to be a unique, one-of-a-kind piece that gives added-value and chic style to our Mare Cheia Swimwear Collection.

The ancient city of Cuzco, Peru is the place where our beautiful logo charm is handcrafted to perfection through a lengthly process of cleaning, polishing, buffing and carving. We ensure that the material used to create our unique charm is from matter discarded by local stockyards from bulls that have perished from natural causes. Promoting manufacturing through artesanal recycling. 

The Mare Cheia Bull Horn Logo Charm is an essential component to our collection and represents our company and or commitment to the creation of high quality, flawless swimwear couture for the free spirited, confident woman that embraces her uniqueness and lives each day to the fullest.